Improves the Air We Breathe

Our fast-deteriorating air quality has prompted lawmakers to implement measures to curb emissions from motor vehicles.  Extensive tests show that BioActiv consistently yields dramatic reduction in exhaust smoke - Particulate Matter (PM) and Hydrocarbon (HC).

Figure 1 shows compelling data that BioActiv will address the problem of smoke-belching vehicles with as little as a 1-2% blend. With higher blend ratios, harmful exhaust gases like carbon monoxide, hydrocarbon, nitrogen oxide, sulfur oxide and carcinogenic benzene will also show marked reductions.

Figure 1

* k value or opacity reading is a measure of blackness of the smoke.


Improves Engine Performance

BioActiv improves the quality of diesel by raising its cetane  and oxygen content, substantially boosting combustion efficiency and power output.  Its high solvency cleans the injectors and combustion chamber of carbon deposits built up over time.  Its high lubricity reduces wear rates in the entire fuel system while reducing friction, allowing the engine to run at lower operating temperatures.

Preserves Our Fragile Environment

BioActiv is completely biodegradable and contains no toxic or harmful ingredients.  It is non-flammable, safe to store and handle, and poses no danger to the natural surroundings.  Best of all, BioActiv is made from a renewable source.

Brings Real Savings

Actual road trials and motorist testimonials show up to a 25% gain in vehicle mileage that is typical with blend ratios of as little as 100:1.  Extra power, longer service intervals and less engine wear- equate to substantial savings. 

Fuel for Our Future

BioActiv utilizes a renewable resource to provide an immediate and long term solution to the problems of air pollution and increasing vehicle operating costs.  Its immediate availability, vast application and numerous benefits distinguish it as the most practical of alternate fuels.