What do people have to say about BioActiv?
Listen to those who have seen the power!

1. Erwin Rivera (Toyota FX-1994): “ in terms of increase in engine power and better response I would say, it was more than I expected.” “There is better mileage. The engine runs smoother, you can immediately feel the increase in power, and smoke coming out of the tailpipe is not as black as before. The engine response is also a lot better!… and there is 40% increase in mileage!”


Will he continue using BioActiv? “Absolutely!”

2. Griselda Margarita S. Torralba (2004 Isuzu XUV): “Okay na okay, I liked it!…. maganda talaga!” Her XUV’s engine performance is “smoother, more quiet and more responsive” and her smoke emission was “greatly reduced”.


Will she continue using BioActiv? “Yes!”

3. Elgin Nogaliza (1997 Mazda B2200): “Good for maintenance!…greatly reduces smoke emission. My fuel consumption also decreased by 10%.”


Will he continue using BioActiv? “Yes!”

4. Pabitom Villegas (Isuzu Crosswind): For his vehicle, which had already logged 65, 550 kilometers, BioActiv meant “less emission of black smoke, smoother driving and … fuel savings by 1 to 2 kms per liter… smoother and greater engine power!”


Will he continue using BioActiv? “Yes!”

5. Alberto Uy (2001 Hyundai Van): “Am now on my second liter of BioActiv. The exhaust is clear now, and there is only slight smoking when decelerating. There was…increase in power and acceleration is stronger.”


Will he continue using BioActiv? “Yes. It works.”

6. DBP Vice President Sixto Mendoza Jr. (Isuzu Crosswind XUV 2004): “Engine is more responsive, smoke emission is less and fuel consumption decreased by 20%.”


What does he think of BioActiv?: “Convincing!”

7. Jordan N. Padilla: (1996 Toyota FX): “Engine performance is more responsive, smoother and more quiet, and smoke emission is greatly reduced.” 


Will he continue using BioActiv? “Yes!”

8. Ricardo D. Gapo (1996 Toyota FX):BioActiv caused “Good performance for the engine, energy conservation and better emissions. Vehicle power is stronger than before and engine running is nice, smooth…. And there is a great increase in mileage!”

 Will he continue using BioActiv? “Absolutely yes! It’s good for my engine!”

9. Rudy Reyes of Caloocan I tried BioActiv and I'm satisfied with results. Lesser drag and/or vibrations, engine runs smoothly, and almost zero smoke emission. …

10. Gary Ting (Starex Van:) "My family went on a vacation to North Luzon...purposely recorded the kilometer readings..total of 1377.5 kilometers travelled...got 8.5 kms./liter. We are happy... In the past, a performance of 5.2 to 6.0 (max) kms./liter would already make us contended."