Unioil Philippines, Inc. is the newest local oil firm to offer coco methyl ester (CME) or coco-biodiesel at its retail stations, Chemrez Inc. said. Chemrez is one of the Department of Energy-accredited manufacturers of CME under the brand name “Bioactiv”. At present, Petron Corp., a semi-government entity and the country’s leading oil company; Flying V and Eastern Petroleum Corp., two of the most aggressive independent oil players, sell bottled coco-biodiesel products in their respective selected gasoline refilling stations. Flying V also sells the pre-blended coco-biodiesel product (B1) at its selected gas stations.

To increase awareness on the benefits of the biodiesel product, Chemrez and Flying V conducted a series of seminars in the past two weeks in Luzon. The program was in preparation for the eventual rollout of B1 product of Flying V in all of its 150 stations nationwide, said Carlos Palad, Chemrez Inc., public affairs manager. Next month, the company would embark on a road show in every region in the country to introduce the biodiesel product to gasoline dealers and large industries.