An "all-in" additive that improves gasoline-making engines reach peak performance while consuming less fuel. It effectively addresses the quest for fuel economy, clean air and driving satisfaction.

BioActiv has advanced biopetroleum chemistry that outperforms most petroleum-based additives. Each bottle is a complete additive package combining every practical feature found in super-premium gasoline.




BioActiv for Gasoline delivers the following performance-enhancing features:
Octane Booster -Increase Octane rating of gasoline
-Prevents pre-ignition
-Prevents engine knocking & power loss
-Improves acceleration and torque
Fuel Oxygenate -Introduces oxygen into fuel mix
-Maximizes fuel consumption
-Increases mileage
-Reduces harmful emissions
-Improves power output
Friction Modifier -Lubricates entire fuel system
-Reduces friction between moving parts
-Engine runs cooler
-Lessens engine wear
-Lowers service & maintenance costs
Decarbonizer -Dissolves carbon buildup from fuel
-Declogs fuel lines & injectors
-Restores engine efficiency
-Prevents build up of carbon deposits

Ideal for:

Cars, motorcycles, boats, and all gasoline engines.

Usage guide:One 200ml bottle treats a full tank of gasoline (40-60 liters). Add Directly to fuel tank prior to refueling. Regular use will optimize engine performance and prolong engine life.


Wipe off spills and excesses. Product may affect paint finish and damage rubber parts.

First Aid:
In case of eye contact, flush eyes with running water. If ingested, drink plenty of water. If irritation persist, seek physician's help.