1.  BioActiv is miscible with petroleum diesel at any ratio.  Blending in higher ratios will not harm the engine.  In fact, it may be used 100% without need for engine modification.


2.  Add 1% to 2% (100:1/50:1 ratio) into the fuel tank each time before filling with diesel.  For first time use, it is advisable to add 20% (4:1 ratio) of BioActiv for total engine clean-up (injection declogging and system decarbonizing). Thereafter, a lower ratio can be maintained to sustain the benefits.


3.   1%-2% Blend(100:1/50:1 ratio) dissolves petroleum-based fuel deposits.  When using BioActiv in older vehicles, check fuel filters frequently. Change filters as necessary.


4.   Painted surfaces and rubber parts should be cleaned upon contact with BioActiv.  Containers should be kept sealed and contents consumed within one year.


5.   BioActiv is not advisable for use in defective engines such as those with loose compression, pumping oil, or with worn out and enlarged fuel nozzle orifices.